Change your body !

Imoove® is the first piece of equipment that can work the entire body, stimulating up to 95% of the muscular mass at once.


Imoove® is a stable, no impact, platform device with patented, dynamic technology known as Elispheric® movement. This technology offers a multi-planar, eccentric, curvilinear pattern. Integrated with force sensors throughout the surface as well as two sensors for the upper extremities makes the Imoove® easy to gather important data for clinicians or trainers. All the while, delivering an entertaining user experience on the interactive touch screen monitor.

Imoove® offers training programs tailored to every individual, which aim to optimize physical health by retraining flexibility and muscular tonicity, improving joint mobility, preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and minimizing the physical effects of aging.

Through the Elispheric® movement Imoove simulates the natural movement of the spine, joints and spiral muscles chains. While traditional methods often only offer fractional responses, Imoove allows for a more comprehensive, deep, and effective action throughout the whole body stimulating up to 570 muscles simultaneously.

With imoove® you have access to a new form of dynamic training. Combined with professional guidance, it creates the opportunity to achieve osteo-muscular harmony and natural balance the body requires in order to work efficiently.



Imoove® has a wide spectrum of functional rehabilitative applications and represents the greatest evolution in the rehabilitation field as its exclusive Elispheric® movements stimulate a deep proprioception and restores the muscular and postural balance of the body.

Imoove® treats a vast number of osteo-muscular pathologies in a functional and dynamic way, introducing a new no impact approach to rehabilitation. It is a rehabilitation tool based on the use, control, and optimization of the body’s natural movements. It is utilized in total safety with adjustable speed and amplitude settings based on therapeutic needs.

The Elispheric® movement is a true world innovation: at slow speed, moderate intensity, the clinician analyzes the posture in a functional situation, working vertically and safely. Thanks to its integrated evaluation prgrams, Imoove allows the dynamic analysis of biomechanical dysfunctions of the body and proposes functional and effective exercises.




Imoove® offers a series of integrated exercise programs with three difficulty settings ranging from beginner to advanced. It also allows the clinician or trainer to prescribe their own program through two different exercise protocols: Free (predictable motion) and Random (unpredictable motion). These two protocols offer six difficulty settings also ranging from beginner to advanced.

With imoove’s Elispheric® movement created from the platform, traditional exercises and stretches that are usally done in one plane of motion can now be brought to life in a dynamic, multi-planner and reactive setting. The environment produces a proproceptively enhanced outcome fro every user by  means of the device’s consistent dynamic motion in either a predictable or unpredictable pattern. By challenging the neuromuscular abilites and reactivity in cognitive perception even the best athletes can become bettter with imoove®.