i-Tech® Industries and “The science of skin”


The latest scientific study conducted by Professor J.C. Guimberteau demonstrated that cutaneous tissue is not made up only of parallel layers.
In reality, it is a continuous, living material whose functional unit is the micro vacuole.
The tissue consists of billions of three-dimensional micro vacuoles arranged in a chaotic, fragmented manner, each one being unique.

We therefore have a more accurate understanding of phenomena such as edema and fibrosis and the difficulties involved in efficiently reducing cellulite and fat deposits.

This newest vision of connective tissue has driven a team of Skin Experts to develop a technology that is specifically designed to treat the structure of the skin, ensuring quick and visible results.

Roboderm® technology consists in arrays of micro holes on the surface of the Microstimulators that induce 1.180 Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation per dm² of treated area. This mechanical action is able to perfectly works on the microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue. Thanks to its patented technology, icoone® is able to reproduce the manual two hands massage, allowing to work on both sides of the body simultaneously for the maximum benefit and pleasure of the patient and total comfort in use for the operator.

The Independent Motorized microstimulators deliver mechanical stimulation using three directions of rotation to reactivate the cell function. These multi mechanical stimuli known as Mechanotransduction deliver a signal which cells convert into biochemical response. It restores enlarged cells by naturally enhancing lipolysis and reactivates collagen and elastin production.

ROBODERM® patented technology

In icoone® LASER, Robosolo incorporates a 915nm laser and 650nm led light source that can be used to focus on specific areas.
The operator can use the Robosolo with or without the led and laser – together or separately – to deliver tailored treatments according to the type of skin.
The 915 nm wave diode laser has been clinically shown to penetrate into tissue and absorbed by lipids, creating a thermal effect that softens the fat within the adipocytes.
The 650nm led modifies the permeability of fat cell membrane, allowing the fat treated from the laser to move the intesitital space.
The combined action of the two wavelengths empowers icoone® microstimulators technology.

LED and laser


With the icoone® system, 2 Robotwin handpieces can be used simultaneously and operated in concert, for treatments applied to the whole body. The massage generated by this method produces a profound sense of well-being and delivers visible and lasting results in half the time.
21.600 microstimulations/min


On the other hand, certain specific programs will be more effective using the Robosolo handpiece. This produces a treatment that is energetic and gentle at one and the same time, allowing large areas of the body to be massaged with easy and natural movements.
15.600 microstimulations/min

Robosolo LASER – only for icoone LASER®

Robosolo integrates a 915 nm laser and a 650 nm led light source combined with a new generation of Independent Motorized Microstimulators. It is highly efficient in specific fat areas that are resistant to diet and exercise and delivers quick targeted treatments.
15.600 microstimulations/min


icoone® is equipped with the smallest motorized handpiece in the world, the Robomini, designed for use on small areas of the dècolletè and body, whether in the beauty salon or the health centre. This kind of massage is characterized by a gentle touch and notable precision, even when treating particularly small areas.
7.200 microstimulations/min


The set of handpieces is completed by the Robomicro. This is equipped with 3 interchangeable Micro-Heads, each with its own unique geometry, which can be used to treat especially small areas of the face and body with delicacy and precision, generating feather-light and sympathetic movements.
from 1.800 to 8.400 microstimulations/min


2 Hands Massage

Every day treatments

All kind of skin

Appliable on damage skin

Appliable on delicate areas

From 20′ to unlimited time of use

No stress for the operator